A Baroque Fairytale

The world of baroque architecture and a wealth of folk customs will
welcome us with open arms. We will head off to discover ancient sights and get to know the natural marvels.

Maribor – Ptuj


From Maribor we will head off towards the oldest Slovenian town, Ptuj. We will make our way through the old town and its narrow streets, and head uphill to the baroque Ptuj Castle to explore its walls and rich history.


Ptujski grad – Dornava


On our way back to Maribor, we will make a quick stop at the baroque castle Dornava, whose architectural design makes for an impressive sight. We will have a closer look at the castle front and do some morning yoga on the green next to the magnificent castle.

Dornava – Maribor


From Dornava we will head towards Maribor and enjoy a panoramic drive that will take us past a number of lakes and also give us a perfect opportunity to admire a view of the Hrastovec castle from a distance. We will make us a stop at the Three Ponds pillars, where we will draw some energy from the flow of water, and then make our way through the city park to the heart of the city – the Maribor Castle.
After visiting the castle, we will make a lunch stop at one of the nearby restaurants, have a bite to eat and taste some of Štajerska region’s traditional specialties with a modern twist.


Walking the narrow town streets, we will make our way to the banks of the river Drava and have a look at Žametovka (Bleu de Cologne), the world’s oldest vine. Then we will take a walk to the Renaissance water tower, where our transport will be waiting for us.

Listen to the Whispering Forest …

Arrival at Hotel Bellevue, check-in and time to settle into the rooms


We will be mesmerised by the cradle of vast forests, in the midst of silence and tranquillity. Invigorated by fresh air, we will get to understand the importance of the present moment, our own existence and inner peace.
We will get equipped with some hiking poles and have a go at Nordic walking. During an easy, 30-minute walk to the Ledinekova Jasa glade, we will get to know the world of pristine forests. On the way back, we will make a stop at the observation tower and the Anžev Križ cross.


Time to get to know the culinary masterpieces and the reinvented traditional local cuisine. We will taste a variety of dishes that have been handed down from generation to generation at local farms, both vegetable dishes and traditional meat treats. This will also be a perfect opportunity to indulge in some Pohorska omleta (Pohorje Omelette), a local speciality.
We will spend some time getting pampered by various wellness treatments and natural-herb massages. For even more relaxation, there will be various Turkish and Finnish saunas to choose from. In the Surprise Tunnel, we will have a chance to discover 63 refreshing showers of different temperatures, and cool ourselves off even more in an ice cave.

The pleasant rustling sounds of the leaves of gently swaying centuries-old trees and the pastel colours of the sunset sky will make us perfectly relaxed, easing us into a sound sleep.

Enter the embrace of nature …


A Wander around the Mountains

The warm mountain sun, lush greenery and stunning nature will welcome us. We will discover the world of Slovenian mountains, herdsmen’s traditions and have some authentic local dairy treats.

Bellevue – Celje


After breakfast, we will say goodbye to the forests of Pohorje and return to the valley by cable car. From Maribor we will head towards the town of Kamnik, making a short sightseeing stop on the way there to see the Old Castle of Celje, a medieval Europe’s strategic point and the home of former counts.


Celje – Kamniška Bistrica


We will let our mind wander while walking among pastures and greenery. Accompanied by the sounds of cow bells, we will come to know the simplicity of the world around us and get invigorated by the energy of mountains.

Kamniška Bistrica – Ljubljana


Arrival in Ljubljana, the ancient Roman city of Emona, a place of dragons and bridges. The sights in the old town will tell us all about the past, whereas their modern counterparts will speak volumes about the events of the present day.

Slovenia Ljubljana Tromostovje Ljublianica river Church with bridge and boat.

Arrival at City Hotel Ljubljana


A platter of Slovenian delicacies in urban dress and rustic atmosphere of Ljubljana. Local, freshly prepared dishes in the city center will provide a good atmosphere and energy recovery.

The pulse of the old town will recharge our batteries, giving us plenty of energy for new adventures.

The deep blue invites you …


Emerald Refreshment

The unspoilt corners of nature and a combination of greenblue shades will welcome us to this part of Slovenia. We will be tempted to get refreshed and explore the wild waters by crystal clear waterfalls, rivers and lakes.

City Hotel – Tolmin Gorges


After breakfast, we will say goodbye to Slovenia’s capital and head to the outskirts of the Triglav National Park.


Tolmin Gorges – Kobarid


We will walk along the gorges and the emerald pools, cooling ourselves off listening to the wild river. We will learn all about the irresistible power of nature at the lowest point of the Triglav National Park.

Tolminska korita – Kozjak Waterfall


We will make our way to a rocky hall to see the most picturesque Slovenian waterfall. Its height of 15 metres and turquoise water make it one of the Slovenia’s most beautiful waterfalls.


Kozjak Waterfall – Bled


In the heart of Slovenian mountains, we will get to admire a pearl of nature, Bled. We will be amazed by nature conjuring up various shades of green and grey of the surrounding mountains on the surface of the lake. Bled is a place that makes the moment stop, the heart flutter, and love blossom again.


Arrival at Hotel Astoria Superior Bled


A romantic walk around the lake shore will be rounded off with the finest culinary experience, accompanied by an idyllic view of Bled Island. We will be pampered with a variety of authentic local dishes.

A romantic stroll around the lake will awaken our emotions, intensify the passion and make our relationship dynamic more fiery and intense.

Welcome to the coastal Slovenia …


Seaside Adventure

Slovenia’s picturesque coastal region will welcome us with the pleasant sounds of waves and the wind, as well as endless azure skies and the sea. Architectural attractions and fresh seafood treats will make for memories that we will remember for years to come.

Hotel Astoria Superior Bled – Predjama castle


After breakfast, we will wave goodbye to Lake Bled and head towards the Slovenian coast. On the way there, we will make a stop to see a one-of-a-kind architectural attraction, a symbiosis of the rock and a medieval castle.

Night scene of Bled lake in Slovenia, famous and popular travel destination for romantic couple in love. Artistic toning landscape.

Predjama castle – Postojna Cave


We will explore the vast subterranean Karst world and enjoy the mesmerising masterpieces of nature. We will see some breathetaking scenes hidden behind a veil of thousands-of-years-old stalactites and stalagmites.

Postojna Cave – Lipica


We will come riding into the world of the world-famous Lipizzaners and get to know their history.


Lipica – Portorož


The alluring scent of pine trees will show us the way to the shore, where we will calm down by looking at the azure sea.


Arrival at Hotel Remisens Premium Casa Rosa D


We will get to indulge in some fresh seafood in a pleasant ambience by the sea. The enticing aromas of the coastal cuisine and authentic local specialties will restore our vitality.

A walk along the sea shore and the gentle warmth of the sunset will make sure our body and mind are in perfect balance, and make us perfectly relaxed for the evening ahead.

The smell of the sea …


Saying Goodbye

Leaving and feeling a bit sad because it is time to say goodbye, we will be seen off by the morning dew and the droplets of sea water.

Hotel Remisens Premium


After breakfast, there will be some time to get a bit of exercise by the sea one last time or explore the picturesque coastal towns of Portorož and Piran. The narrow streets and a seaside footpath will lead us to Fiesa, from where we will head towards the airport.


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