A hidden Beauty

Slovenia, an undiscovered pearl in the heart of Europe eagerly awaits your visit. The magical jewel of unspoiled nature spreads between the Alpine plains and the coastal landscape of the Adriatic Sea. It is called “small but powerful” and has landed on the 11th place on the list of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Among the most beautiful countries in the world …

In 2016, Slovenia became the world’s most greenest country, and Ljubljana became the greenest city among European cities.

Discover Slovenia and the colorfulness of a modest sub-continent country. Slovenia, as you have not yet seen before … the exclusive Columbus programs.


Discovering beauty

Discovering nature and sights of Slovenia in a 5 day adventure. Cities, mountains, rivers and the sea crave after your visit




Hidden Corners

Explore the hidden corners of Slovenia in an exciting 5 day trip. Mountains, lakes, the sea and the cities are waiting for you



Mountains, sea, forests …

Stunning landscape

Visit the emerald lakes, wild rivers, and the exciting interior of the magnificent karst caves. Have a glimpse of the green valleys and a view of the mountains. Stop and explore the history of colorful Slovenian cities and experience the culinary treats offered by Slovenia.